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Clubs and Organizations

All of the excitement of college, and none of the grades.

Clubs and Organizations

More than 200 organizations represent the interests, beliefs and ideologies of student groups, including honor societies and clubs focusing on academics, drama, government and politics, international interests, religious, service, special interests and sports. Check out the Clubs and Organizations web page to learn more.

Cougar Activities Board

The Cougar Activities Board (CAB) serves as the primary, campus wide programming body at the College of Charleston. CAB's mission is to provide co-curricular programming that enhances the overall holistic development of our students and the campus community. Visit the Cougar Activities Board website to learn more.

CisternYard Media

Exciting things are always happening in CisternYard Media! Those students who choose to devote their time to our award winning student media can develop many new skills in a number of areas.  These include computer graphics, photography and videography, graphic design, news writing, feature writing, radio and television technology, budget management, advertising and media relations. Visit the CisternYard Media website to learn more.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is the governing organization for the student body. Every student enrolled at the College of Charleston is automatically a member. Elected by the student body each year, officers of this organization provide a strong voice in articulating students' concerns and take an active role in improving student life at the College. Visit the Student Government Association website to learn more.

Sports Clubs

Sport clubs are organizations formed by students motivated by a common interest in a particular sport or activity. Participants have a chance to develop their knowledge and skill to a greater degree through organized practices, games, and meetings. Each club differs in its emphasis toward competition, recreation, instruction, or some combination of the three.

A quick glance through the Sport Clubs Contacts listing will reveal that the range of interests is quite varied. If your favorite activity is not represented by one of our existing sport clubs, stop by the Campus Recreation Services office to find out how to begin a club of your own. More information is contained within the Sport Clubs Handbook found in the Forms section on the left panel.

Membership in the clubs is open to all College of Charleston students regardless of skill level. Take advantage of this opportunity to participate in a familiar activity or to learn a new sport! 

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