Cougar Mall

Facility Features and Restrictions

Cougar Plaza

Setup Information

  • The Office of Student Life does not provide any setup assistance for Cougar Mall.
  • Student Life Tables
    • Student organizations, faculty and staff may reserve one four-foot rectangular table per event from the Office of Student Life.
    • Tables must be requested at the time the reservation is submitted to the Office of Student Life.
    • The reserving organization is responsible for returning the table to the Stern Student Center, 4th floor, at the conclusion of their event.
    • The reserving organization will be charged a replacement fee for the table if it is not returned on time.
  • To request tables, chairs and trash cans, contact the Office of Facilities Planning.
  • To request audio/visual equipment, contact Audio/Visual Event Support.


  • Only free-standing decorations or table decorations are allowed in this facility.
  • Hanging or taping materials to walls, lamp posts, benches, art installations, trees, bushes, railings, trash cans, doors and windows is prohibited.
  • No changes or modifications may be made to any room and/or space.
  • All items, such as props and/or decorations, must be removed from the area immediately after the event.
  • Glitter, candles and open flames are strictly prohibited.
  • Reserving organizations will be responsible for any damages and may risk temporarily losing their reservation privileges.

Amplified Sound

  • All events must comply with the Amplified Sound Policy, which is available on the Forms and Policies web page.
  • The use of amplified sound will not be permitted during the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. on weekdays in areas immediately adjacent to offices or classroom facilities (i.e. Maybank Hall, Cistern Yard, etc.). As always, student organizations will be allowed to host informational tables and programs that do not require amplified sound at these locations.