Reservation Procedures

Facility Use Guidelines


Reservation requests must be received a minimum of three business days prior to the proposed event. Events requiring extensive setup must be submitted 10 business days prior to the proposed event. Advanced planning by groups is strongly encouraged. Reservation requests may be submitted online by visiting the Student Life Reservations web page. Reservations are not finalized until the Office of Student Life sends a written confirmation to the requesting party.

Event Cancellations

Facility reservations must be cancelled a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the reservation date. Organizations that cancel less than 48 hours in advance forfeit all fees paid, plus any expenses accrued on their behalf. Organizations that cancel or fail to show for a reservation two or more times risk temporarily losing their reservation privileges.

Bully Pulpit Clause

Be advised that, on an on-going basis, there will be an on-campus event entitled “The Bully Pulpit: Reflections on Presidential Communication”. The Bully Pulpit event will be open to faculty, staff, and students and feature detailed question and answer sessions with Presidential candidates. Due to the limited availability of campus facilities and lack of advance notice, this series of discussions will require some events to be relocated to an alternate facility within a 48 hour notice, possibly impacting your event.

Priority Reservations

In most cases, student organizations are given first access to request Student Life facilities. This access occurs once per semester in the Fall and Spring terms. Faculty and staff are given second access to request Student Life facilities in a similar manner. Once student organizations, faculty and staff are given access to request Student Life facilities, reservations are opened to all on-campus and off-campus organizations. Priority reservation dates are announced once per semester and are sent to students, faculty and staff via the e-mail listserv.

  • An exception to this policy is that academic classes have first priority in Physicians Memorial Auditorium.
  • All other exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Office of Student Life on a case-by-case basis.

Exam Period Restrictions for Student Organizations

Student organizations are not allowed to host meetings, social gatherings or events of any nature during the Dark Period. Each semester the Dark Period begins at 12:01am on Reading Day and extends through the last day of final exams. Recurring weekly student organization meetings are also not scheduled during academic holidays. More information on the Dark Period can be found in The Compass, which is available on the Forms and Policies web page of the Student Life website.