Student Involvement & Leadership Programming Grants Fall 2022

Student Life Programming Grants Fall 2023


Student Life Programming Grants exist to financially support student-organized programs and events that meet the needs of College of Charleston students by supporting the following priorities. Applications will be reviewed and assessed based on their commitment to:

  • Building Diverse and Inclusive Communities
  • Creating Meaningful Opportunities for Engagement
  • Nurturing Healthy and Safe Communities
  • Promoting Civic Discourse

Priority will be given to applications that promote group collaboration and/or present a new initiative or program, and that will specifically be included as part of the Weeks of Welcome 2023 schedule and occurs during the first six weeks of the Fall 2023 semester.



Program Eligibility

  • All student organizations applying for funds must be registered with the Office of Student Life and listed in Cougar Connect.
  • Student organizations applying for funds are encouraged to collaborate with other registered student organizations, administrative offices, or academic departments.
  • All proposed programs/events must be registered through the Office of Student Life and open and advertised to all CofC students. Private parties or exclusive events will not be funded.
  • Strongest considerations will be given to an event that includes a performance, speaker, cultural element, educational component, or community building activity. The Committee will not fund an event that is for recruiting purposes only.
  • SLPG does not directly fund charities or community agencies.
  • SLPG cannot be used to fund events retroactively.
  • The SLPG funds are a resource for money for groups initiating new programs during the Weeks of Welcome 2023. Over time as programs continue and grow, the SLPG may fund recurring events outside of these specific parameters.
  • The SLPG Committee reserves the right to amend these program eligibility requirements at their discretion.
  • Student Organizations receiving Student Life Programming Grants are required to complete a program evaluation following their event.


Budget Information

  • A complete proposal must include a Program Expenses Spreadsheet.
  • SLPG’s will be awarded to 6 programs/events in amounts up to $1,500 for events before 8pm, and $1,800 for events after 9pm, during the first six weeks of the Fall 2023 semester.
  • Funding is for the direct payment of vendors or independent contractors who provided services for the program or other costs associated with the event.
  • Applications without a detailed budget or with an incomplete information may result in the program not being funded by SLPG.
  • Groups are responsible for submitting the appropriate original invoices, contracts, or receipts.
  • If funded, student organizations will agree to meet – virtually or in person – with the Office of Student Life to discuss logistical details of their event. They also agree to have at least one member designated for the Summer 2023 term to serve as contact/coordinator for Office of Student Life questions and requests. 


How to Submit

Grants submissions will be due by Wednesday, May 31, 2023 at 11:30pm by submitting an application on Cougar Connect:        

  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • The SLPG selection committee will convene to determine funding proposals. Announcements of grant recipients will be no later than Wednesday, June 7, 2023.