Student Organization Advisor


Role of the Advisor

The role of the advisor will vary based on the needs of the individual organizations.  Advisors should have a committed level on interest in the mission and purpose of the organization.  Involvement in organization activities may also vary, but it should be understood that an advisor may have to go beyond the constraints of “9-5” to support the organization.  It is encouraged that the advisor’s role should go beyond signatory on forms, but it should also be understood that the advisor should not run the organization.

Advisors have an important role in the organization by serving as the historian and interpreter of policy for organization members.  The knowledge and expertise of advisors can provide continuity for members, helping to ensure the success and longevity of the organization.

This page should serve as a resource for all College of Charleston Advisors who may be looking for additional information to help guide their practice.  he goal is to provide relevant, timely information that will support every advisor’s work with their student group(s).



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