Religious Volunteers

The Religious Volunteer policy was created to give students on-campus access to religious support from members of the broader community. 

Religious Volunteer Policy

A Religious Volunteer can reserve space on campus to meet with individual students or with small groups of students for ministry purposes, but not to advise them as a student group that is not registered on campus. Likewise, the College’s limited affiliation with Religious Volunteers pertains only to the Volunteers’ exercise of the privileges provided in the Religious Volunteers policy (i.e., inclusion on distribution lists, “tabling” with campus organizations, and reserving space on campus).

Any off-campus events / interactions involving students and people who serve as Religious Volunteers are not affiliated with the College, and whoever is sponsoring those events (i.e., a church, a denomination, a ministry program) should be transparent with students that these are not College-sponsored or affiliated events. While the Religious Volunteer may be an advisor to a registered student organization, they do not have to be. And, a religiously focused registered student organizations can be advised by an advisor who is a campus employee, but not a Religious Volunteer.

Religious Volunteers operate separately from our religiously-based student organizations. For information about registered religiously-based student organizations please visit

Process to become a Religious Volunteer:

Registered Religious Volunteers for 2021-22
Kelli Manigo
Eric Burnett
Madison Daniels
Corey Gill
Matt Koser
Savannah Medvedev
Madison Anderson
Aly Jose
Ja’Bron Grice
Tom Gregory
Danielle Garrel
Bronson Baker
Isaac Lipe