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Important Information during E-Learning Period:

Stern Student Center will be will accessible by appointment, M-F, 8:30am to 5:00pm

Main Office Line:  843-953-2291

Main Email:

There will be at least one full-time staff member from Student Life in the Building, please contact the scheduled person for the building to determine your access needs:
April 1: Jill Caldwell,

April 2: Mandi Copeland,

April 3: Chris Bond,

April 6: LaVerne Cordes,

April 7: Chris Bond,

April 8: Brittany Burroughs,

April 9: Christine Workman,

April 10: Mandi Copeland,

April 13: Jill Caldwell,

April 14: Brittany Burroughs,

April 15: LaVerne Cordes,

April 16: Chris Bond,

April 17: Mandi Copeland,

Each Student Life Staff member will accept daily appointments to meet with students through Zoom or by telephone. To schedule a meeting please use the following:

Cougar Food Pantry may be accessed during advertised open business hours, however, our stock is currently limited. We are working on plans for digital food drives to accept donations. All questions related to Cougar Food Pantry should be submitted to Jill Caldwell,

Virtual Event/Activity Management

From March 23 until April 3, 2020, virtual events and meetings may continue to occur. Student organizations can submit events into CougarConnect, if they are listed as VIRTUAL in the event location. Only virtual meetings will be approved at this time, please refrain from creating events after April 3, 2020 until we know that campus will be fully operational. Student organizations are encouraged to continue using CougarConnect to track attendance and manage their organizational memberships. Now is a great time to make sure that your ROSTERS are updated with all current members of your organization, so that you can communicate most effectively in a virtual/remote environment. Below are some links to help you learn how to track attendance without the Card-Swipe system, and how to create to create and join virtual meetings/events on Zoom.

1.) Track Attendance in CougarConnect manually.

2.) Scheduling a Meeting in Zoom:

3.) Joining a Meeting Best Practices:

  • Prior to the meeting, check your computer setup to ensure both microphone and video (if needed) work. Zoom has a guide on how to check your hardware.
  • Please mute your microphone when you are not speaking! Background noises such as typing, shuffling papers, turning pages, and distant conversations will be picked up and amplified by Zoom.
  • Use chat to ask questions and talk with other participants. This gives the presenter and the co-hosts more time to see your question and respond.
  • Check your internet connection! Hotel and airport internet are notorious for poor video call quality, where possible use a strong connection. If the audio quality is too poor, use the Zoom call-in number to join the conference by phone.
  • To prevent distracting sounds, please mute yourself when not speaking. Click the microphone icon at the bottom left of the toolbar to mute. A red slash through the microphone indicates when it is muted.
  • Click the microphone again to unmute yourself when you would like to speak.
  • Computers often have multiple audio devices. To select the correct microphone or speaker, click the chevron next to the microphone icon. If in doubt, choose “Same as System”.
  • Click the chat icon to join group chat. Here you can type questions to the presenter, chat with participants, or message the host or specific participants.
  • To message a specific person, click the chevron next to “Everyone” and choose the person. Or click the person’s name in chat.
  • If you want to speak, but not interrupt the current speaker, click “Raise Hand” to signal to the facilitator that you have a comment.

Virtual Communication with Organization

Communication with your members, advisor, and Student Life staff during this time of remote delivery. Organizations are encouraged to use CougarConnect to message their members. Organizations should also use this time to ensure that their contact information is accurate on CougarConnect so students who wish to learn more about their organization are able to contact the appropriate individuals.

1.) Send a message through your Roster in CougarConnect.

Virtually Host your Organization Elections

You can still host individual elections for your student organization during this time using the Elections Module inside CougarConnect.

1.) Creating Online Elections: Video link COMING SOON!

What should student organizations being doing during E-Learning?

Now is a great time for student organization leaders to plan for the Fall 2020 semester and officer transitions. Below are a listed of suggested actions leaders can take to set their organization up for success upon return to campus.

  • Create officer transition reports for new officers
    • Jill Caldwell, Associate Director of Student Life, will send out information by March 25, 2020 about end of year reports, updating advisor information, and re-registration processes for student organizations
  • Review your student organization constitution and by-laws to ensure they reflect current practices.
  • Prepare for the re-registration process by cleaning up your CougarConnect roster and ensuring its accuracy.
  • Create or revisit your organization’s annual goals.
  • Create or revisit your organization’s proposed events for the Fall 2020 semester. Have you made sure all members and potential new leadership are comfortable with these events?
  • Survey your members about satisfaction with your organization. If you need help with this feel free to reach out to Christine Workman, Director of Student Life.
  • Upload new photos into your CougarConnect profile—remember new student orientation is coming up soon, and new students enjoy updated profiles.
  • Update your organization social media platforms and make sure they are connected to your CougarConnect profile.